Book Review: While the Duke was Sleeping by Sophie Jordan

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 4.23.26 PM.pngThis book was a wee bit too angsty for me. Which was really such a shame because the book’s plot had so much potential and the heroine, Poppy Fairchurch, was simply amazing. Just I could not get myself to like our hero. At all.

To briefly recap the plot:

Poppy Fairchurch works at a flower shop where she regularly sees the Duke of Autenberry. Poppy fancies herself in love with the Duke: she admires the fact that he picks out flowers for his (multiple) mistresses himself. Which is definitely a suss reason to fall in love, and definitely not a reason to throw yourself in front of a carriage trying to save the dude.

Yet, Poppy does just that. Except she only sort-of saves him: after the incident, he enters a coma. Within all the chaos of the incident, Poppy is mistaken for the Duke’s fiancée and rolls with it. And somehow, everyone buys it—even the duke’s family!

Well….minus Struan Mackenzie, the duke’s estranged illegitimate half-brother, who is very sexy, very rich, and very, very, brooding.

Now, I’m going to be real here: I really don’t care whether or not a plot is historically accurate. I read regency romance novels mostly as fantasy instead of historical fiction. Yet, even me—with my very pitiful standards—will acknowledge how ridiculous this plot is.

Duke+shopgirl = unbelievable

Duke+shopgirl+secret engagement= very unbelievable

Duke+shopgirl+secret engagement+no one question it= very, VERY, unbeliable.

So, in short, if you are someone who cares about the plausibility of books stay far away from this one!

However, that was not my problem with this book. My biggest problem was Struan: I just, for the life of me, could not see what positive qualities he possessed. He was way too possessive, grumpy, and just plain rude. I don’t care how much you dislike your brother: you don’t seduce his fiancée while he’s in a coma. Especially when she says “no” and “go away” like thirty times, but you keep trying. He just gave off super creepy vibes.

Not to mention, that his entire “relationship” with Poppy was essentially just lust. I never saw any mutual respect, or really any mutual we-are-enjoying-ourselves-in-each-other’s-presence time—other than, of course, sexy times. Which is just not a way you build a relationship.

To conclude, don’t read this book. I’ll give it 2 stars but really just because of Poppy (she was a really *popping* character).

Rating: 2/5


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