Book Review: The Governess Game by Tessa Dare

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 9.20.52 AM.pngI tend to really enjoy Tessa Dare’s book: they make me giggle and her heroes tend to not get on my nerves. Moreover, I find that even when she follows a cliché predictable plot, she manages to almost always find a fresh take—normally by writing very memorable characters. However, for me, I found that this book missed the mark. Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was fine, but it just wasn’t great.

This book (in case you couldn’t guess by the name) is your stereotypical governess-meets-rake romance. It stars Alexandra Mountbatten—who used to adjust the time on clocks but after her fixing instrument breaks takes the governess job out of desperation—and Chase Reynaud—a future duke with two young and rambunctious wards who has currently taken over the house’s housekeeping quarters to install a sexy time cave.

The book is absurdly predictable. Seriously, I don’t think there was even one creative plot twist or some attempt to distinguish it from the plethora of other governess romances. Thus, Dare relies heavily on a reader falling in love with both Alexandra and Chase. Which is easy to do: Alexandra is an amazing character with a spine of steel and an interesting background and Chase (while he takes some warming up to) is kind and funny. However, the real stars of the show are the secondary characters: Rosamund and Daisy (the two wards) with their doll funerals and kleptomaniac tendencies. And Alexandra’s friends—particularly Lady Penelope with her obsession with helping wounded animals and disgusting vegetarian sandwiches—are wonderful. However, despite the characters are lovely (not to mention many scenes that made me laugh out loud), I just couldn’t get over how almost lazy and uncreative the plot was. When I can guess essentially chapter-by-chapter what will happen a book just isn’t very interesting.

Of course, I’ve read hundreds of historical romances so one could argue I’m pretty jaded when it comes to plots. And this summer I’ve super-duper binged on them. Henceforth, this review is definitely harsher than it would have been if this was the very first governess-meets-rake romance I’d read. Or even the 10th. Therefore, despite my grips, I do recommend this book: it features wonderful characters and Tessa Dare’s trademark humor in spades. Moreover, it is definitely on the stronger end of governess and rake romances. I just can’t bring myself to characterize this book as a must read.

Rating: 3/5.

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