Book Review: For the Duke’s Eyes Only by Lenora Bell

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 4.57.14 PM.pngDRC graciously provided by Edelweiss + Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I was feeling a little bit apprehensive about starting this book; I was worried it couldn’t possibly live up to my hype. Ever since reading What a Difference a Duke Makes I’ve been extremely excited for this book. Lady India was honestly one of my favorite secondary characters of all time (I mean come ‘on… who doesn’t love a female Indiana Jones who rails against the restrictive gender stereotypes of regency England?), and the chemistry between her and the Duke of Ravenwood was sizzling. Thus, I was very worried that Bell couldn’t possibly do this character justice.

Thankfully Bell delivered: This book was AMAZING!

The book follows the Duke of Ravenwood and Lady India on their mission to retrieve the Rosetta Stone after it was stolen from the British Museum. The two have a tumultuous history: childhood best friends turned sworn enemies. Both have a deep internet in antiquities, but whereas archaeologist Lady India travels the world scavenging for them, Ravenwood just buys them off the black market while living the life of a rogue. Clashing at every encounter since their late teens, their infamous rivalry is reported in newspapers across England.

Golly gee, I loved this plot. While this book is most certainly a romance first, the mystery of solving who stole the stone was genuinely engaging. Every scene in the book felt purposeful and fit in with the adventurous tone of the book (one of my biggest pet peeves of regency novels is often to spice up a boring plot/character an author will just randomly throw in a kidnapping or duel…like why?). Even if this book had no romance—if it was just two random detectives looking for the stone—I would still strongly consider reading it.

But oh my…the romance was definitely the highlight. If I thought the chemistry between Ravenwood and India was sizzling in What a Difference a Duke Makes, in this book it is explosive! I don’t think I’ve ever seen (or read? I’m not sure about this grammar) two characters with this much sexual tension before. Even though there were only two or three sexy time scenes in this book, every interaction between the two of them was just…

*Fans myself vigorously*

Yet what was remarkable about this book was that it didn’t conflate lust with love. By the end of the book, the love between Lady India and Ravenwood was obvious: the mutual respect of each other’s work, shared interests, and willingness to make sacrifices for the sake of their relationship. Both characters were amazing. Lady India was unbelievably confident and ambitious—the sort of woman young girls should have as a role model.

To Lenora Bell: If you ever get sick of writing romance, you should write a mystery/adventure series starring Lady India.

While initially, I was concerned that Ravenwood would just be one of those broody, misogynistic, obnoxious heroes (and thus never deserve to end up with Lady India) he wasn’t at all! He was a great hero and I thought the reasoning behind his actions (breaking Lady India’s heart when they were younger, becoming a careless rogue, etc.) made a lot of sense.

My only issue with this book is I don’t think Lenora Bell’s writing is that strong—she uses a lot of repetitive sentence structures and inserts a lot of unnecessary questions in a poor attempt to create suspense. But even still: this book is a definite must read!

Rating: 5/5