Book Review: What Happens At Christmas

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 4.25.14 PM.pngWhat Happens at Christmas was my very first Victoria Alexander book. I enjoyed it so much that I immediately bought the other four books in the series!

Just by the premise of the book alone I knew I would love it. Lady Camille Lydingham is a wealthy young widow with her eye on Prince Nikolai Prunzinsky of Greater Avalonia. Mostly because he is hot and is a Prince. Deciding to capitalize on the information that the Prince has always wanted to experience a traditional English Christmas, Lady Camille decides to invite him to her family manor for Christmas. However, Lady Camille has a problem: her family is seriously embarrassing. So what is a resourceful rich woman to do? Hire a troop of actors to their place!

Grayson Elliot has just returned to England after building a fortune in America. Years ago, he and Camille were best friends. But when he decided to tell her that he loved her the day because her wedding the friendship (obviously) fell apart. When he discovers Lady Camille’s charade, however, he sees his perfect opportunity to worm his way back into her life — by pretending to be her cousin!

I think I smiled or laughed my way through this entire book. That is not to say that the book was perfect: both Lady Camille and Grayson weren’t the easiest characters to fall in love with. Lady Camille was selfish and shallow, and Grayson definitely acted like an idiot at times. Yet the chemistry between the two characters was sizzling and their personalities matched seamlessly.

However, what made this book so special were the supporting characters: especially the acting trope! I don’t want to spoil the jokes, but just trust me that whenever the acting trope is involved in a scene you will laugh.

Rating: 4/5